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Your Invitation

Discover your passions, identify your values, define your path to create your purposeful life.  Doesn’t that sound like something you wish you could do?  Well, you can.  All it takes is realizing you need to focus on yourself. Then do something about it.

With more than 20 years as a business owner and more than 45 years in the world of work I welcome you to SKR Coaching & Consulting Spirit-Led Retreats!  Click here to learn more about the July 2011 retreats.  Do yourself a favor and check them out.  You deserve it!

As a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, spiritual entrepreneur, community activist, tutor, trainer, facilitator and friend I welcome you into a warm and safe environment where you can spend precious time caring for yourself. The weekend retreats include the DiSC behavioral preference assessment, your personalized report, creating a Values Vignette, guided meditations, small group discussions, plenty of time to reflect and enjoy the setting and an opportunity to plan your first step to integrating your values and passions into your life.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to one of the July retreats.

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Remember What You Already Know

This morning I was thinking about a presentation I will be making very soon. I have been worrying about what I can say in 10 minutes that willI delight, intrigue and draw the audience into my book, Breathe Into Wisdom. I am anxious that I may not be able to bring them into the experience of knowing we each create our own reality by the way in which we reflect each moment.

I stopped briefly to remind myself of what I already know – being anxious (anxiety) and worrying are not helpful. I asked myself, “In what way will anxiety and worry help prepare me for this opportunity?” The answer, even before I finished asking the question was, “It won’t, never has, never will.”

Then I realized I have known this for a long time, I just needed to remember what I already knew.

What is there that you already know but need to remember? How will that remembering change your moment, your day, your life? How will it help you fulfill your purpose right now?

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Be Open to Possibility

Are you feeling lonely, unfulfilled, waiting for something to happen? Have you complained that whatever “it” is has not happened? Maybe a friend has made a suggestion about how to increase the chance of finding what you want and you have said, “I tried that and it didn’t work?” Have you given up expecting that opportunity to arise? You are not alone. You have plenty of company but that doesn’t mean you are on the right track!

Just because you haven’t found what you are looking for doesn’t mean it’s not there. Have you ever looked for your car keys, or ear bud, or a sheet of paper and said, “It’s gone, I’ve looked everywhere!” Then maybe a few seconds later, or a few minutes later, or a few days later – there it is. I once looked for an earring that belonged to my great grandmother. I lost it one winter day and looked all over for it. I was so sad to have lost it but it was no where to be found – until the following spring. I got out of my car and there, in the parking lot was that gold earring. The snow had melted enough that I could see it. Over the several months it sat in the parking lot it had not been damaged in any way. How could that be? Cars had pulled, parked and puled out of that space all winter long.  That delicate, little earring had never been touched.

I never lost hope that I would find it. I kept looking. I was open to the possibility that I would find it. When I saw that little bit of gold color on the wet, broken asphalt I got out of the car to look at what was there. Being open to possibility allows us to find what we are looking for even when it seems impossible.

Closing yourself to possibility may even prevent you from recognizing that which you are hoping to find even when it is staring you in the face. More on that in my next post.

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself. What does that mean? Do you believe in yourself? Do you “own” what you have accomplished, what you are capable of doing? Do you think about the difference your “being” in this world makes for those you meet, those you know, those you love? Are these questions foreign to you?

Why would I ask so many questions to begin one blog?  Because I want you to experience the niggle that comes from contemplating such thoughts. We are taught from childhood to think of others. Some of us find that easy. If you fall into that category this blog posting is for you. If your focus is more inward, this blog is for you too. Here’s why. Considering the power your existence has on others is important.

Knowing the “power of you” will help you exercise that power effectively. If you are really skilled at your work, no matter what the work is, you will have a positive impact on those with whom you work. If your gifts align with helping others, imagine how that touches lives. If you teach and are surrounded by learners, your words can change the world for those who experience your gifts.

I encourage you to take a moment or an hour to think about the impact your life has one those around you. Believe in yourself and your impact on others. See what you offer as real gifts that can only be opened as others experience them. Believe in yourself.

Now go out into the world and do what you do best. The world needs you.

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This poem was inspired by The Breathe Book – Accessing the Wisdom Within which I am currently writing. My life stories illustrate the transformational journey that led to accessing my internal wisdom while teaching you how to access your own internal wisdom. Writing this book has been a transformational experience that I am happy to share with you.



I breathe in, I breathe out, I have changed.

With each breath my body transforms.

I breathe deeply, focusing, delving Into the wisdom within.

I breathe out.

I breathe into the question for which I am seeking an answer.

I breathe in deeply, slowly, deliciously.

I breathe out deeply, slowly with relief.

I breathe in.

Into the wisdom where I search for the answer.

As I breathe out slowly the answer presents itself.

I breathe in. I breathe out. 

My understanding has changed.

Wisdom transforms my understanding.

My body is transformed.

My mind is transformed.

My spirit is transformed.

The world is transformed.

Breathe in. Breathe out.


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To Church … or Not to Church

I pondered not going to church, it was Mother’s Day and Michael had prepared breakfast for me. I thought about just staying home and planting all the beautiful plants we purchased on Saturday. But it was the first Sunday after I “signed the book” which is Unitarian Universalist (UU) language for becoming a member.  I had read the first two chapters of “Behind the Kitchen Door” for the Forum discussion so I got ready and off I went. The discussion was a good one. I highly recommend the read. Then I had to choose between going home or staying for the service after the Forum discussion. As a Unitarian, attending church is far from mandatory. I always enjoy the service so I popped in, sat down and became drenched in loved. During the service I realized I don’t want to ever have to leave this community. I feel completely at home.

Part of it is that I no longer have to change the pronouns in the hymns. UUs don’t use gender specific language in worship. Part of it is that I can enjoy readings from Rumi or Gibran, or a quote from the Bible, or a reference from the Koran or a poem that is breathtakingly beautiful any of which might be used to introduce the sermon. My understanding of Source has no gender and a few years ago the term God slowly became a misnomer for me.  God, Source or nothing are all acceptable to me now.

Our minister confirms that there are those who will disagree with her somethings she says and that is okay. “That is what I am here for,” she will say, “push against me.”

A big part of the loving feeling comes from the welcoming words, “No matter who you are, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, no matter who you love, welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing.” It is a sincere and heartfelt welcome. So my previously Presbyterian self (60 years of membership) joins with some previously Roman Catholics and previously Jewish worshippers (while maintaining their Jewish ethnicity) and current agnostics and atheists and “you name it” folks in listening to beautiful (often folk) music. We are encouraged to live our highest and best lives while actively pursuing social justice as best we can. Unitarian Universalism is inclusive, not exclusive and that is what is most important to me. One of our beliefs is “we do not have to think alike to love alike.”  And so I say … to church!

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Risky Business

If we walk with our hearts open, we will welcome new experiences with joy.

If we walk with our hearts open, we will recognize the oneness we all share.

If we walk with our hearts open, we will have extra room for love to go out and come in.


If we walk with our hearts open, we might feel hurt or pain or danger.

If we walk with our hearts open, we might find disappointment.

If we walk with our hearts open, we might experience dishonesty and deceit. 


It is risky …

If we walk with our hearts closed we will not experience the beauty and love life offers.

We will live a self-fulfilling prophecy that it is too risky to walk with our hearts open.


Oh the other hand …

If we walk with our hearts open they will heal quickly and be ready to embrace the next beautiful thing we face. 

We are called to take risks. Live life bravely. Open your heart to the day and all it offers. 


It’s a risk worth taking.

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Waiting …

Each moment of our lives we seem to be living in anticipation.

When we are young, we are told to wait until we are older, or bigger, or in a different grade. So we wait.

When we are teens we wait for that first date, that first driver’s license, that chance to make our own mark. So we wait. We are waiting to go off to school or work. We wait.

Then we might wait for the right man, or woman. Some wait for marriage, some wait for promotions, some wait for the right job. We wait.

Some wait for that positive pregnancy test, some fear it. Nevertheless, we wait. Then we wait for the birth of a child, niece, nephew, grandchild, great grandchild. Yes, we wait.

We wait for health, money, success, courage, love, the list goes on and on. It is the nature of the human experience.

Spirit does not wait. Spirit is in the now. Spirit doesn’t see obstacles but opportunities – for growth, for good, for lessons, for forgiveness, for love.

Living in the spirit while in this human experience may be the best we can do for ourselves and our fellow travelers. We, who are all waiting, can also experience the now.

As we go out into our worlds let us be mindful of the usefulness of waiting while we live in our present moment. Go out and do good.

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What Are You Waiting For?


On this day of memories it seems a more poignant question to ask yourself. What are you waiting for? What stops you from cradling your life in the precious way you think of another’s life? This day, this present day, is all you have. This is YOUR life. If you have been waiting to go somewhere, do something, tell someone something important. What are you waiting for?

You urge others to do what is in their best interest. Take time today to urge yourself to take action. Do what you yearn for. Begin to treat today as the present it is meant to be. It may take the rest of your life to achieve what you want in a relationship, in a career, in a gift you would love to offer. At some point, if you really want to achieve it, you must begin and today is a start.

After all, what are you waiting for?

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Memorial Day Memories

Memories of Memorial Day are joy filled for me. I remember my sister, Jane, organizing the neighborhood “Memorial Day Parade.” There was just one catch and that was that we needed a nice big wagon to have a float. By big I mean at least three feet long because our parade would consist of the children who lived within the five houses we counted as our neighborhood in Allen Park, MI. Jane & I lived on the corner, next door Leslie was one of the youngest and she rode on the wagon dressed in a sheet holding something resembling a torch and book. She was, of course, the Statue of Liberty. The rest of us marched on the sidewalk either pulling the wagon or carrying the American flag or a sign of some sort.

Janet was my best friend and she lived in the third house. Her participation was absolutely key to the success of the parade because she owned the “big” wagon. If Janet didn’t like what she was asked to do she might get mad and take her wagon home. That happened once and we all learned our lesson! Don’t make Janet mad. Most of the time that wasn’t a problem. So our little neighborhood of children celebrated what we knew of Memorial Day.

We didn’t decorate any graves with flowers. We didn’t remember any soldiers who had been killed in battle, because we didn’t know any. What we did do was feel an immense pride in being American and we had a lot of fun doing that.

I’d love to be able to do that again…

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Your Energy has Great Power!

Your energy has great power. It is actually transmitting itself to others. When you have joy and peace others can absorb it. Likewise, when you have pain or anxiety others pick that up. How does that happen? Can energy actually be transmitted?

Can you feel love when your children look at you? When that child cuddles up to you and gives you the gift of holding another life in your arms – that feeling is your ability to receive and send your energy of love. Each person in the universe comes with an “energy synthesizer” just made to work with others in the world. The energy of love shared with pets is just as valid as and comes from the same place as the love shared between people.

I even talk to my plants – though I must admit I do call them all “girls” or “ladies” I send my love out to them and receive great joy from them. People have said I have a “green” thumb but I believe it starts in my heart!

When I hear people say they enjoy being with me, I know it is my willingness to share my energy with them. It is a lot like love, the more positive energy we share, the more positive energy we receive,

Who can you energize positively today? Go out and get busy. You’ll be glad you did.

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